Posted by: marcomdigest | March 20, 2010

How to write a compelling press release

1. Write something newsworthy
When it comes to press releases, the #1 tip is the most obvious one – if you expect news channels to pick up your press-release, you need to write something which is newsworthy, and not something which you would like to promote. Craft your objectives around something in which your audience is interested in. Offer real value.

2. Write in an active voice

Use active verbs. Be bold.
3. Write the truth

Remember, facts are sacred, but comment is FREE!
4. Write a compelling headline
Treat your headline as a lead-in for your press-release. It should tell the essence of the story, without revealing the whole story.
Do not try to cram in the entire release in the headline. Instead, reveal just enough to get your readers interested in the fine-print.
5. Create a compelling style
Create a press-release style unique to your company. Then stick to it. This helps create a “signature’ which your readers will instantly identify with you.
Fonts, formatting, vocabulary, expressions – everything counts.

6. Run spell-check before publishing
Minor mistakes can play a major role in ruining a perfectly good story. Check before you publish. Write, re-write, edit, and proof-read your press-release before publishing. Never forget to run a spell-check.
7. Optimize for online visibility
A well crafted online press-release can be visible in online searches in less than 24 hours. It is important to write your release in a way that people looking for related information can find it online. Have a keyword strategy ready before you even attempt to write your Press-release.

Jay, Bangalore


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